2018, why I’ve ditched NY resolutions

2018 is here!! How the hell did that happen? I always think that a fresh New Year is a weird, exciting time. I always feel mega inspired to 'sort my sh*t out', whatever that may be. This time, I'm itching to get organised and continue to create new designs! In my rule book, New Year… Continue reading 2018, why I’ve ditched NY resolutions


5 things you must do this December (!!)

It's official. The decs are up, the lights are sparkling, it's freakin' freeeeeeezing outside, DECEMBER IS HERE. YASSS (!!!) December has to be my ~fave~ month ever ever ever. Why? Christmas. Without question.. Christmas is the most magical, exciting and cosy time of the year. It's full of fun, laughter and festivities, and it's an absolute… Continue reading 5 things you must do this December (!!)

Why November is such a ~dreamy~ month

Yes, November is well and truly here. *excited dance* and I have decided that it is ever so dreamy. Why, you ask? Well I've actually been giving this quite a lot/too much thought over the past couple of weeks. And if you aren't already aware  - surely I'm not the only person who is this OTT, right? - let… Continue reading Why November is such a ~dreamy~ month

The blogging fear

Hi, I'm Alice! And it's safe to say that I have been neglecting my little blog. After a good few weeks of too-ing and through-ing, I've decided to dust off the cobwebs and get back to blogging. For sure, the blogging fear got hold of me. ~What if no one is interested in my blog posts? What… Continue reading The blogging fear